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From Key to Key

You've been in a wreck, so what's next?

Immediately after a car accident happens:


  1. Get yourself and your car to a safe place

  2. Contact your insurance company


Insurance companies legally cannot steer you to choose a specific repair shop. They may give you a list of shops,

but ultimately it is your vehicle - your choice. Let your insurance company know whom you want to repair your vehicle.


Contact us, and we will help you with the process from start to finish.

Once repairs begin, below is some of what you can expect from us and our professional service.


Damage Analysis

Your vehicle will be inspected and evaluated with the latest diagnostic equipment available. This includes a comprehensive 3-D computerized measurement of all structural damage and a full system scan before any repairs begin and after they are completed. We take pride in restoring your investment to its pre-accident condition.

The Repair Plan

The repair plan is essential as it ensures all needed repairs are scheduled, and parts are ordered and expedited for repair. Once the parts are ordered, any cosmetic and structural repairs will begin. 


The Test Fit

Once we have a full picture of your vehicle's needs, your parts are ordered immediately. When we receive your needed parts, we test fit each one to ensure a seamless transition into the refinishing process.

The Re-Finish Process

The vehicle then moves to the refinishing departments, where the proper color match and paint will be hand-mixed, applied, and cured all in our shop by our trained technicians. Once the painting process is completed, your vehicle will return to the technician for reassembly and any additional services such as front-end alignment or windshield repair will be completed.


Parts Management

As your parts arrive, they are inspected, cataloged, and stored until ready for installation.

Quality Control

Your vehicle is then thoroughly inspected to ensure all repairs meet factory standards. We go the extra mile to ensure you know that your vehicle has been repaired and is returned to you in the best pre-accident condition, and is safe to drive.​


The Pick-Up

With attention to detail in all phases of repair, you can trust that your vehicle has been restored to pre-accident condition. 

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